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If you live in Surrey or Sussex, work long or unsocial hours and often struggle to get your vehicle into a garage to have an engine fault looked at, our mobile car diagnostics are perfect for you. A mobile mechanic can visit you at the address of your choice and plug our state-of-the-art engine management equipment into your vehicle’s ECU.


Mobile car diagnostics enables us to identify sub-system issues in your vehicle instantly. This cuts out long hours of troubleshooting and saves our Surrey and Sussex customers paying more for labour. Because we’ve invested heavily in the industry’s most advanced equipment, we are able to meet all of your engine management needs precisely.


When the engine management light comes up on a vehicle, some motorists tend to ignore it or regard it as a potential dashboard fault. More often than not, the light signals that you need your car to be looked at as soon as possible. This is where our mobile car diagnostics make a major difference to the lives of our Surrey and Sussex customers.


Mobile Car Diagnostics on Emergency Breakdowns


Mobile car diagnostics can also be used by our vehicle recovery technicians. Sometimes, a breakdown can be caused by a blown fuse or a simple engine management issue. Using mobile car diagnostics, our technicians run a test through the Engine Control Unit and in many cases, we can fix the fault in a matter of minutes – even at the roadside.


This enables you to get on your way from a breakdown in Surrey or Sussex and reach your destination as intended. Each mobile mechanic is well versed on how to use our mobile car diagnostics machinery correctly. Our equipment retrieves stored fault codes, which we then translate to further isolate any issues you may have.


Lee’s Auto Mechanics are handily based in Headley, and this enables us to carry out mobile car diagnostics anywhere in the Surrey and Sussex areas. Our competitive prices help us to compete with other mobile mechanic services in the area. Perhaps more importantly, however, we bring the garage to you at the times where you need us most.


Call us now on 07916 169406 to have mobile car diagnostics performed at your Surrey or Sussex location.