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One of the services most popular amongst our Leatherhead clients is mobile car servicing. There are a number of reasons why, which we’ve run over on this page. If you’re more interested in learning about other services offered by a mobile mechanic like Lee’s Auto Mechanics (e.g brake and clutch repairs), please give us a call on 07916 169 406. Note that we serve as both a car and lorry mechanic, and have a wealth of experience working with each type of vehicle.






Ensuring you get a regular service from a qualified and experienced mobile mechanic / lorry mechanic will improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This could end up saving you a good deal of money when filling the tank in forecourts around Leatherhead. Another factor to consider is the cost of replacing your vehicle should it fail. Mobile car servicing keeps your car in good shape, and is a smart way to protect your investment. Any potential automotive problems are either prevented, or nipped in the bud before they develop and require expensive brake, engine or clutch repairs.




Investing in mobile car servicing regularly helps keep you safe on the road. While a breakdown or automotive error doesn’t always result in personal injury, it often does, and is at the very least highly inconvenient. No one wants to have to call in a mobile mechanic or lorry mechanic to recover their vehicle, no matter how quick they turn up and solve the problem. Leatherhead motorists investing in regular servicing will be taking steps to safeguard themselves and their passengers from harm.


Convenience & Ease


One of the main things that puts Leatherhead motorists off of getting a service is how inconvenient it can be. You have to find time within your busy schedule to visit a garage, then wait around while it’s carried out. If any problems are found, for example you’re found to be in need of clutch repairs, you may even need to arrange alternative means of transportation. Not so when you choose mobile car servicing from a quality mobile mechanic, like Lee’s.


We’ll come to your doorstep or place of work, wherever is most convenient, and conduct mobile car servicing while you get on with your daily routine. This minimises any disruption caused to your day, and streamlines the process nicely. Being the Leatherhead area’s local lorry mechanic, Lee’s can also offer mobile car servicing (and other services like the aforementioned clutch repairs) for commercial vehicles. So you won’t need to free up a number of hours in the day in which you could be working!


In Leatherhead and convinced of the benefits that mobile car servicing offers? Call Lee’s Auto Mechanics today on 07916 169 406!