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Mobile Mechanic in Cardigan, Tremain and Ceredigion

Lee’s Auto Mechanics brings its services to your Cardigan, Tremain or Ceredigion doorstep as a personable mobile mechanic. Supported by a vehicle recovery service and using the latest engine management technology to perform diagnostic repairs, we are on the road at all hours, and in all weathers, using our expertise to change tyres, perform clutch repairs, replace brakes and undertake mobile car servicing – full or interim.

With 25 years of experience under our belts, we’ve seen many changes not only as a mobile mechanic, but also as a member of the motor trade as a whole. We’re a company that likes to stay one step ahead of the competition, and we constantly update our equipment. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tooling is a major contributor to finding the best repair solutions for the customer.

The mobile mechanics working for Lee’s Auto Mechanics offer affordable car servicing to dealership standards, anywhere in Cardigan and the surrounding Ceredigion area, for those who are unable to reach a garage personally. Because we have immediate access to spare parts from a network of trusted suppliers, our company can work within the same timeframes as traditional garages but with a more convenient mobile service.

Car Servicing from Mobile Mechanics at Home or at Work

Regular maintenance is an important aspect of owning a car and a mobile mechanic can carry out the necessary checks at your home or your place of work. A full service includes items such as an oil and filter change, and upwards of 60 checks across the vehicle itself. We also top up lubricants to keep your car or LCV running smoothly on local highways and byways. We can even supply you with a lorry mechanic should you need one.

Our diagnostic repairs also match the services you’d receive in a garage. We use innovative mobile tooling that works in exactly the same way as the larger equipment found in garages and can instantly retrieve stored fault codes once we plug our readers into the ECU. All services provided by our mobile mechanics come at a fixed price. If we find issues with your car or LCV, we let you know the cost of the repair work before we start it.

We understand that some of our customers just don’t have the time to visit a traditional workshop because of their busy lifestyles or work commitments. Using a mobile mechanic for services in Cardigan, Tremain and Ceredigion puts the customer back in control of their diaries and schedules, leaving them free to meet their own obligations while we take care of their cars.

Book an appointment with a mobile mechanic by calling 07916 169406. We cover the whole of Ceredigion including the Cardigan and Tremain areas.

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