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Diagnostic Repairs in Cardigan, Tremain and Ceredigion

Most modern workshops have engine management tooling in place to perform diagnostic repairs, but larger pieces of equipment don’t have the same mobility as handheld code readers. Located in Tremain, Lee’s Auto mechanics invests regularly into the trade’s most innovative mobile diagnostics equipment and can travel to all locations in Ceredigion, including Cardigan, to assist you with your engine management issues.

We use diagnostic repairs as a term to describe the work mobile mechanics do in the aftermath of an engine management check. If you suspect an underlying issue with your vehicle, or if the dashboard displays a warning light, Lee’s Auto Mechanics visits your home or workplace with mobile code readers which we plug into the ECU to analyse the engine subsystem.

In the event of a subsystem issue, the ECU stores fault codes that our mobile mechanics retrieve using handheld engine management equipment, or code readers. We interpret these codes to build a clearer picture of what is wrong with your vehicle, and to let you know what we need to do to provide a suitable repair.

Hence, the term, diagnostic repairs.

We perform diagnostics and repairs on a mobile basis, anywhere in Cardigan, Tremain or the surrounding Ceredigion area. Please contact us on 07916 169406 if your car currently has a dashboard warning light on display, or if you suspect an underlying subsystem issue because of unusual driving characteristics.

The Benefits of Diagnostic Testing

Before the motor trade had the support of engine management equipment, mechanical troubleshooting proved expensive for motorists and time-consuming for the mechanic. Most of the time, customers only took their cars to a garage in the event of a breakdown or a major malfunction. The computerised engine subsystem in today’s modern vehicles detects faults sooner by sending codes to the ECU, and the dashboard alerts the driver to any issues via a warning light.

The fault codes give your land-based or mobile mechanic a complete picture of the problem, and this helps them in recommending the correct diagnostic repairs at the earliest opportunity.

Motorists in Ceredigion, including those in our main service areas of Cardigan and Tremain, should still rely on their own instincts and call a mobile mechanic if they suspect something isn’t quite right because of changes in driving characteristics. Even if a car or LCV drives smoothly, we still recommend a diagnostic check at least once a year; preferably at the same time the vehicle undergoes its full service and, ideally, with an interim service too.

Over time, a mobile mechanic can build a clear ongoing picture of the engine subsystem and pinpoint the need for diagnostic repairs before a small issue turns into something major and more expensive to rectify.

Book in for diagnostic repairs by calling 07916 169406. We cover the whole of Ceredigion including the Cardigan and Tremain areas.

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