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Clutch Repairs in Ceredigion on a Mobile Basis

The clutch is one of the hardest working components on any vehicle because it continually engages and disengages the drives to help you change gear. Because it works so hard, the clutch is more prone to failure than most mechanical parts. If you have noticed a drop in performance when changing gear and need a mobile mechanic to visit you for clutch repairs and replacements, Lee’s Auto Mechanics is here to help.

We deliver responsive clutch repair services in Cardigan, Tremain and all locations in the surrounding Ceredigion area.

Clutches connect and disconnect two rotating drives, one which powers the engine and another that provides the output power for shifting gear. When a clutch connects these two drives, they lock into place and spin at the same speed. If disengaged, the drives unlock and spin at separate speeds. When the drives lock but still spin at different speeds, we refer to this as slipping.

Slipping is one of the most common indicators of a worn transmission system and points to the need for clutch repairs from our skilled mobile mechanics.

Lee’s Auto Mechanics, located in Tremain, is a mobile clutch repair specialist for the Cardigan and Ceredigion areas, and sources replacement OEM parts from a network of trusted local suppliers. We never perform clutch repairs using low-end patterned parts that don’t fit properly to begin with or wear down sooner because of their inferior quality.

Mobile Clutch Repair and Replacement Specialists

Because our mobile mechanics bring the services you need direct to your home or your workplace, Lee’s Auto Mechanics has fewer overheads to absorb. This makes the cost of clutch repairs more affordable when compared to prices charged by land-based garages and main dealerships in Ceredigion. We operate in all weathers, and at all times of the year, to bring you a convenient clutch repair and replacement service for cars, LCV models and all HGV marques.

The main contributors to a worn clutch include:

  • Leaks in the master cylinder or slave cylinder
  • Wear or damage to the clutch plate
  • Warping or damage to the flywheel
  • Premature wear to the pressure plate
  • Wear or damage to the throw-out bearing

Motorists in Cardigan, Tremain and Ceredigion can contact us on 07916 169406 to discuss clutch repairs with a trained mobile mechanic. We advise you to deal with transmission issues at the earliest possible stage. Leaving a problem unattended leads to costlier repairs when your car eventually breaks down and could increase your chances of being involved in a road traffic accident.

Book an appointment for mobile clutch repairs by calling 07916 169406. We cover the whole of Ceredigion including the Cardigan and Tremain areas.

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