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Engine, Brake and Clutch Repairs in Cardigan

Meet the mobile mechanic from Tremain that covers all parts of Ceredigion including the nearby area of Cardigan. We’re the regional mobile car servicing and repair specialists. If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by Lee’s Auto Mechanics, such as brake replacements, clutch repairs or diagnostic repairs, please contact us on 07916 169406. We also operate as lorry mechanics with experience in all major marques.

There are many good reasons to invest into mobile car servicing and repairs.


A regular service from a qualified mobile car mechanic or lorry mechanic improves the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This could end up saving you money when filling the tank ahead of journeys around the Cardigan area. Another factor to consider is the cost of repairing a vehicle should it break down. Mobile car servicing and mobile lorry servicing keep vehicles in a roadworthy condition, and both are smart ways to protect your investment.

A service stops small problems developing into something more significant and reduces the potential for engine rebuilds, brake replacements and clutch repairs.


Investing into mobile car servicing keeps you safe on the road. While a breakdown or an automotive fault doesn’t always result in personal injury, it sometimes can and at the very least, it is highly inconvenient. No one wants to have to call a mobile mechanic or lorry mechanic to recover their vehicle, no matter how quick the service provider turns up and solves the problem.

Cardigan motorists who invest into regular servicing safeguard themselves, their passengers and their cars from major issues and the need for ongoing mechanical and diagnostic repairs.


The main things to deter Cardigan motorists from regular car or lorry servicing are the inconvenience of scheduled appointments, finding time in their busy diaries to visit a garage and waiting around while the car or lorry mechanic does the work. If a vehicle needs engine repairs, clutch repairs or diagnostic repairs, the owner may also need to arrange an alternative means of transportation.

This is never the case when you opt for mobile car servicing from a mobile mechanic, or a service from a commercial vehicle specialist.

We come to your home or place of work in Cardigan, whichever is the most convenient, and perform mobile car servicing while you press on with your daily routine. This minimises disruption to your day and streamlines the process nicely.

Being the Cardigan area’s trusted mobile car and lorry mechanic, we offer mobile car servicing for passenger cars and equivalent scheduled maintenance for commercial vehicles. This means you’ll never need to free up hours in your day to visit a garage when you could be working.

Call 07916 169406 for mobile car servicing, clutch repairs and diagnostic repairs in Cardigan and all surrounding locations in the Ceredigion area.

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